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On 23.10.2002, Timisoara was the birth place of a university sports association named “CLUBUL DE CICLISM TIBISCUS” (TIBISCUS CYCLING CLUB). The principle purpose of its foundation was giving bikers the opportunity to meet, organize sporting competitions and to have a place to talk and put into practice their biking desires. The Cycling branch include road riders, mountainbike desirous, downhillers, dirt and trial athletes, from Timişoara but also from Arad, Lugoj, Galaţi or Drobeta Turnu Severin.
Starting from 2007, Tibiscus Sporting Club is founder of the Romanian Cyclists Federation, which brings together associations and sporting clubs which promotes the bycicle and its use.
Between 2010 and 2012, DHS Tibiscus Team becamed the oficial racing team of Eurosport DHS company, the biggest Romanian manufacturer of bicycles, after signing a contract to support our team by the sponsor.


Starting from 2002, since the end of July, 2014, the Cycling Branch worked as:

1st places

2nd places

3rd places
  Organization Participation
national international national international
Road 24 2 38 101
Cyclocross . . 4 .
MTB 17 1 174 72
City 5 . 10 .
6 titles of
national champion
Downhill 7 1 5 14
Uphill . . 2 1
Trial 11 . 15 14
TOTAL 64 4 248 202


Our Club had more than 30 members at the Cycling branch, of which - in 2014 - 2 are legitimated at the Romanian Federation of Cycling, having an Union Cycliste Internationale license. The Tibiscus Sporting Club is one of the few west-located cycling association affiliated at the Romanian cycling federation, having national and UCI affiliate members.


Events organized and held by our Club have enjoyed a wary good attendance by athletes, a great attendance by the public and media (numerous TV, radio channels, newspapers, magazines have published info on the Cycling Branch and its activities).

Latest News

MARATONUL OLTENIEI 2014, Râmnicu Vâlcea, 30.08.2014
ROAD GRAND PRIX 2014 - etapa EROICA, Râmnicu Vâlcea, 23.08.2014
TRIADA MTB 2014 - etapa a III-a: GEIGER MTB CHALLENGE, Sibiu, 17.08.2014
CUPA CRATER XCO BETFIA 2014, Betfia (Oradea), 10.08.2014
ROAD GRAND PRIX 2014 - etapa CRITERIU BUCUREŞTI, Bucureşti, 10.08.2014
RACOVA MTB MARATON, Poieneşti (Vaslui), 10.08.2014
CUPA ARSENAL PARK 2014, Orăştie, 03.08.2014
MTB MARATON MIERCUREA CIUC 2014, Miercurea Ciuc, 03.08.2014

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